Shia Personal Law Board favours ban on Triple Talaq, cow slaughter
Source :News Bharati English   Date :05-Apr-2017

Lucknow, Apr 5: The Shia Personal Law Board has come out strongly in favour of the ban on Triple Talaq and cow slaughter, the issues dear to Narendra Modi government.

The Modi government has advocated equal treatment to Muslim women as enshrined in the Constitution of India and freedom from the evil practice of triple talaq. Most Muslim women organisations have supported Modi government while the fundamentalist organisations are opposing this move.

Notable amongst them is the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). But to the surprise of many, some Muslim organisations have come in support of the government. The All India Shia Personal Law Board is one such organisation that has openly supported the move to ban triple talaq and cow slaughter.

The Shia Personal Law Board announced its support to ban on triple talaq and cow slaughter in Lucknow on Wednesday. The Board felt that a law should be enacted against the practice of triple talaq and a separate committee be set up to look into the matters related to women’s rights.

The Shia Personal Law Board has also supported the ban on cow slaughter. It may be mentioned that the chief priest of Ajmer Dargah Jainul Abedin has also come out in support of the ban and appealed to the Muslims to shun beef consumption. The Shia Board said that countries like Iraq and the highest priest of the Shia Muslims do not favour killing of cows for human consumption.

However, the AIMPLB is opposing the ban on triple talaq stating that this would be interference in their religious matters. The AIMPLB has demanded that the Supreme Court dismiss all the petitions related to the triple talaq ban as courts cannot interfere in religious matters.  

Shia Personal Law Board in of the opinion that the Ayodhya issue could be resolved through discussion and mutual understanding. The Supreme Court too has suggested for out of the court settlement of the issue.