Andhra Pradesh imposes ban on plastic bags to save temple premises from pollution
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 05-Apr-2017

Amravati, April 5: After Andhra Pradesh government ordered the plastic ban, all the temples in the state will be free of plastic waste soon. Instead of plastic bags, people are advised to use paper bags without the images of deities over it.

The government has taken a decision to ban the use of plastic covers to save the temple premises from pollution and avert a threat to ecology. As plastic covers are non-biodegradable and harmful for the environment and human health, the temples should take the lead in adopting environment-friendly measures. Pollution from plastic litter is a serious problem throughout India. Nevertheless, this move is decidedly positive and a welcome step towards transitioning towards the more sensible use of paper bags to save our environment.

Meanwhile, the state government has issued orders, prohibiting the use of plastic bags on the temple premises Directives were issued to the authorities of all temples to allow paper bags without the images of deities as a substitute for packing of prasadam and laddus, said Principal Secretary to Endowment Department JSV Prasad. The paper covers and paper bags should be deposited in dustbins after using them, he added.