After 33 years, Irish Beach comes back to life again; tourists visit it from across Europe
Source :News Bharati English   Date :10-May-2017

Dublin, May 10: Have you ever wondered in your wildest dreams of a beach coming back to life again? If, no then you’re going to be utterly surprised to know that there’s a beach in an island that has reappeared after 30 years. The beach that we are talking about here is situated in Achill Island of Ireland. The Dooagh beach was washed off 33 years back by strong storm winds in the winter of 1984 leaving bare pointy rocks.
In the month of April this year, North Atlantic Ocean gave back what it once had taken from the largest Achill Island of Ireland. The island is not densely populated; rather it has only 3,000 people staying near the bay. The main mode to economy here is through tourism which is going to spark back after the beach has resurfaced itself. It’s a tourist trail stretching from the south of the country to the North-West that has benefited from a tourist boom in the European Union's fastest-growing economy.
The residents staying near the beach have reported many visitors after the beach came up anew. More than 1,50,000 tourists visit the mesmerizing beach in a year. And during the weekends, the numbers have started growing. It brings good news for all the Irish people staying nearby but nobody knows how safe the beach is at the moment.

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