Hong Kong suffers from heat, foggy day increases risk of health illnesses
Source :News Bharati English   Date :10-May-2017

Victoria (Hong Kong), May 10: Hong Kong is suffering from heavy pollution which had even smothered Hong Kong’s biggest business and shopping districts on Wednesday.

Hong Kong citizen is fearlessly dealing with pollution levels categorized as ‘very high’ in Central, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok.

Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) said” as of 11 am the air quality health index had reached 8 at roadside stations in the two districts, indicating a very high health risk. Roadside stations in Mong Kok and general stations in Tuen Man and Tai Po reported AQHI readings of 7, indicating a high health risk”.  

The pollution had made not only changed the climate but also increased a risk of health illnesses amongst them.

Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department had suggested children, the elderly and those with existing heart or respiratory illnesses to ignore going out and to reduce outdoor activities as the climatic conditions are not that good can directly have a very high risk for their health.

The EPD also said, “The general public is advised to reduce, or reduce to a minimum, outdoor physical exertion, and to reduce time outdoors, especially in areas with heavy traffic”.

Hong Kong Observatory said that the pollution was brought by high pressure over the western North Pacific as well as light winds locally. Concluding weather report they said, “The visibility fell to about 3,000 meters over many places”.

The report says that the climate will remain hot and sunny with low visibility through the day adding one or two isolated showers in the afternoon. It will be mainly fine and hot over the next couple of days.