Nightmare for the prisoners; Uttarakhand jails to install CCTV cameras
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 11-May-2017

Dehradun, May 11: Instances of prison inmates beating up each other and attempting suicide numbers have increased in Uttarakhand. Many of such prisoners even try fleeing the jail bars and are later caught in the vicinity or somewhere else. In such conditions, Uttarakhand prison department has decided to place CCTV cameras to keep a secret eye on all the inmates.
According to the plan to ramp up the security services in the jail, HD cameras will be installed in 10 specific and known dictrict jails of the mountainous valley of Uttarakhand. The cameras will be put up in Dehradun, Haridwar, Chamoli , Nainital, Pauri, Tehri, Sitarganj, Haldwani, Roorkee and Almora.  The other jails already have the surveillance facility but are now extending to other prisons also to monitor inside situation.

The cameras will have night vision and will resist any weather conditions, considering Uttarakhand’s climate. Also, to note here, the cameras will be installed both inside and outside the jail. It will help the jail staff to notice any unusual and bizarre movement in the prison. The cost of this entire plan is around Rs 5cr. And till now, more than 4,500 inmates are lodged in the Uttarakhand district prisons.

In January this year, an inmate allegedly committed suicide in Haridwar jail.

Well, it’s high time for the state to escalate its security provisions as it moves upwards on the development ambitions.