Venkaiah Naidu, newly elected president of UN-Habitat suggests 5 agendas for urban development
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 11-May-2017

Nairobi, May 11: Developing countries are going through rapid urbanization. In this context, urban development is very important to benefit all sections of society. M.Venkaiah Naidu the newly elected president of UN-Habitat urged international funding agencies to support urban development programs.

Yesterday, he addressed the governing council of UN-Habitat. In his address, he urged the funding agencies to concentrate on prioritizing affordable housing, infrastructure solid, public transport and skill development.

Sustainable development is needed for the growth of urbanization. He has discussed new urban agenda which outlines a framework for transforming urban sector to realize it's full potential in ensuring sustainable development. Long-term planning should be taken by urban and local bodies. The plan should include decentralization, devolution, reforms, People participation and revenue generation.

Naidu suggested a five-point strategy for improving urban governance at the local level. He suggested decentralization of decision making, devolution of functions, funds, and functionaries to urban local bodies, reform of administrative and financial processes, augmenting resource collection and enhanced citizen participation for the effective functioning of urban local bodies.

He had a meeting with Macharia, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, and Housing, Urban Development of Kenya. He shared Indian experience in housing program with Macharia. They discussed the issue of Joint Technical Committee constituted by India & Kenya to work in collaboration for  International Housing Policy.

He shared the urban development renaissance in India guided by Narendra Modi’s suggestion of ‘Perform, Reform and Transform’. “From a state of total neglect of urban planning and execution, urban local bodies in India are now enthusiastically obtaining credit ratings that impact a wide range of urban governance issues. This is a clear sign of urban renaissance in India” Naidu asserted.