Putin issued executive order to limit anonymity of online media in Russia
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-May-2017

Moscow, May 12: Nowadays due to easy access to digital media and the internet, it is very easy to spread any information easily. But that is the greener side of the grass. Due to over access, spreading wrong information is also very easy. To prevent that, Russia President Vladimir Putin is taking new measure. He issued a 27 pages executive order to plan new mechanisms to control online media.

Putin wants to limit the anonymity of Internet user. The order is titled “Development Strategies for Russian Information Society from 2017 to 2030”. The government is given a six-month time limit to reform the strategies. The new system would be policing “means of providing access to information that is similar to the mass media.” The argument Putin holding behind this is, to ensure the “quality and reliability” of information.

Internet television networks, news aggregators, social networks, and instant messengers, as well as “any websites” would come under the policy. Though the process is not clear till now, traditional media like television, radio, print newspapers, and libraries would be offered support by the government.

Under old rules, tradition media are under the supervision of Roskomnadzor, Russia’s federal censor. Official news media faces many restrictions which new media don’t face. Next year, the online services will need to store massive archives of user data.

The “new system of trust” which will be developed by the federal government that will  “eliminate the anonymity and impunity of Internet users who violate the law.”