Trust in technology is crucial to empower people
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-May-2017

Seattle, May 12: Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said building trust in technology is crucial to empower people. He urged software developers to bring more people into the global technological network.

His remarks comes in the wake of reports that people in US and India, two of world's largest democracies, are having doubts on the use to technology amidst allegations of hacking and tampering of devices used in elections.

“What Orwell prophesied in ‘1984,’ where technology was being used to monitor, control, dictate, or what Huxley imagined we may do just by distracting ourselves without any meaning or purpose neither of these futures is something that we want,” Nadella said.

 “The future of computing is going to be defined by the choices that you as developers make and the impact of those choices on the world,” he added.

At the start of its annual Build Conference, Microsoft sought to showcase applications with artificial intelligence that could tap into services in the Internet cloud and even take advantage of computing power in nearby machines.