Pass on motherhood as a blessing! India’s first womb transfer surgery to take place on 18th May
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-May-2017

Pune, May 12:  Having the power of ‘giving birth’ to a life, a woman will be always praised a little more than any other being on this planet. She deserves it. But some women are unable to conceive and that is the worst thing happening to them. Like in a same case, in the history of medical science a woman from Pune will donate her uterus to her daughter.
In a history of medical science with an aim to achieve another landmark, Pune’s Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute will be performing India’s 1st ever womb transplant surgery on 18th May. The mother is going to donate her uterus to her daughter as the woman has suffered four abortions, lost two babies after carrying them full-term and has a scarred uterus.

The doctors have carried out a long research on both these women before going for this surgery. A team of 12 doctors will perform the operation. The hospital has also got approval for five years to carry out such transplants.

Another hospital in Bangalore is also going to conduct such transplant under the supervision of a team from Sweden. Milan Fertility Center has taken permission from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). This transplant will be held in June on two women who are born without the uterus. The director of this Fertility Center says that a team from Gothenburg will supervise all the procedure. This is the team which has conducted the womb transplants in Sweden.

Milan’s Director said that GCLI has not taken permission from the competent authority. GCLI said that Milan has no professional team and confidence and, thus, is seeking the help of Swedish team of doctors. “We are doing it by ourselves”, said an official source from GCLI. Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar also answered, on being asked about the lapse in protocol, that we are competent. He added that their team had got professional training and practical experience from Sweden and Germany.

This womb transplant will help a lot of issueless women to get successful pregnancies. The donor and receiver have to remain under intense care for first 6 months. IVF procedure is used to transfer fertilized embryos into the uterus. All this protocol and process depends greatly on the health of the receiver.