N Korea launches ballistic missile near Russia; US asks how it feels
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 14-May-2017

Pyongyang, May 14: After failing in the ballistic missile which was launched on 29th April, North Korea launched the new ballistic missile from the northwestern part of the country on early Sunday. This was the first provocative move by the North Korea after Moon Jae-in took the charge of South Korea’s President.

According to South Korean Military, the Missile was launched from the northwestern city of Kusong and flew more than 430 miles before landing in the sea between North Korea and Japan.

The Missile was launched after the weeks when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson pressed the United Nations Security Council to place sanctions on Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs.

After the launch of a ballistic missile, the White House in Washington released the statement saying North Korea had been a flagrant menace for far too long. That even stated that the test served as a call for all nations to implement far stronger sanctions against Pyongyang.

The statement also informed that The United States maintains our ironclad commitment to stand with our allies in the face of the serious threat posed by North Korea.

U.S. President Donald Trump said, “I would be honoured to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un under the right circumstances”.

North Korea has been trying to build a reliable intermediate-range ballistic missile so that it gets capable of reaching American military bases in the Pacific. Where South Korea President Moon Jae-in called an urgent meeting of top security officials for discussing on the recent ballistic launch.

U.S. President Donald Trump cannot imagine Russia is pleased with North Korea's latest missile test on Sunday, as it landed closer to Russia than to Japan, the White House said in a statement.

"With the missile impacting so close to Russian soil in fact, closer to Russia than to Japan the President cannot imagine that Russia is pleased," the White House statement added.

The launch served as a call for all nations to implement stronger sanctions against reclusive North Korea, the White House added.

The Prime Minister of Japan also gave instructions after the Missile Launch by North Korea which said that they have dedicated the greatest possible efforts to a gathering, analysing and providing information to the public on timely and accurate manner. It also ensures the safety of aircraft, vessels, etc. and will be prepared for all possible contingencies.