Archaeologists discover a new chamber of 17 Mummies in Egypt
Source :News Bharati English   Date :14-May-2017

Cairo, May 14: Mummies are the wonder of Egyptian history. Bringing back life to Egyptian tourism, have discovered 17 mummies. These are fully intact in shape and condition. This discovery will help the struggling tourism sector.

 The burial site is situated in 250km to south of Cairo. The burial site is grounded in Minya province. They have found a golden sheet and two papyri in Demotic scripture. Even the site contained bird and animal coffins. A team of Cairo University students first discovered the chamber in 2016.

“2017 has been a historic year for archaeological discoveries. It's as if it's a message from our ancestors who are lending us a hand to help bring tourists back," Antiquities Minister Khaled Al-Anani stated (Reuters published).

The era of the mummies is still now not clear to archeologists. Mohamed Hamza, a Cairo University archaeology dean in charge of the excavations is assuming that the mummies belong to Egypt's Greco-Roman period.  This period had a span of almost 600 years. But a different opinion is assuming it could adate from the Ptolemaic Dynasty, founded by Alexander the Great’s general Ptolemy.

In previous years many mummies were discovered but this one is historic being the first human cemetery found in central Egypt with so many mummies.

After 2011’s political up rise, Egypt has lost the attraction of Tourists. As we know Antiquities are the driving force to attract tourist, news of new antiquities will definitely be helpful for Egypt.