1 extra Rs spent on 'Disaster Preparedness' saves 10 Rs of 'Disaster Loss'
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-May-2017

New Delhi, May 15: One extra Rupee spent on disaster preparedness and mitigation could save ten Rupees of disaster loss, said Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh while emphasizing the role of prevention and mitigation in reducing disaster losses on Monday.

Rajnath Singh inaugurated the two-day second meeting of National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR). Speaking on the occasion, Rajnath Singh said that NPDRR is a multi-stakeholders National Platform for sharing the experiences in disaster management and for making a collective effort for disaster risk reduction.

He recollected global agreements like Sendai Framework, Sustainable Development Goal and Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP21) for disaster risk reduction. He highlighted the ongoing efforts of Governments in disaster risk reduction like preparation of disaster management plan and policy, development of early warning systems, construction of cyclone shelters and saline embankments, rising of disaster response forces at national and state levels and capacity building of communities through continuous training and awareness programme.

He appealed to the stakeholders to prevent “preventable death” caused by disasters and also prepare an action plan for vulnerable communities of societies. As sustainable developments are closely related with better disaster management, he urged all stakeholders to make all development initiatives disaster resilient. He informed that 14 pre-events were organized as build up to this meeting.

The Union Home Minister also chaired a Ministerial Session in which Rajnath Singh informed that growing population, unplanned urbanization and climate change are the new challenges posing new disaster risks to the country. He emphasized the primary role of States and Union Territories in disaster management and urged them to equip themselves for facing these new disaster risks. He lauded the initiatives and preparedness of States.

Meanwhile, The NPDRR is a multi-stakeholders National Platform headed by the Union Home Minister and it promotes participatory decision making in disaster management, and strengthens federal policy of our country.