India is not facing any serious impact of global ransomware: Ravi Shankar Prasad
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-May-2017

New Delhi, May 15: Cyber attack has become a dangerous threat worldwide. In this situation, keeping strategic and sensitive data safe is very important for country’s security. The malicious softwares blocks access to data unless a ransom is paid.  To secure the safety, it is instructed by Centre to use stand-alone computers in the mentioned fields to store data and critical information.

The ministries of home, finance, defence, external affairs and security agencies handle sensitive data.  They have been sent an advisory to take required precautionary steps.  If officials preserve sensitive information in computers, that would prevent hacking. Though the officers never use internet to store data, it is a plan to achieve foolproof security.

Embeded ObjectIndia has already started monitoring critical networks across sectors like banking, telecom, power and aviation for the high alert. The process would ensure systems are protected against possible cyber attack on its vital networks by the crippling global ransomware, WannaCry. This is time it is most spread cyber attack. Already 150 countries are under the threat. Globally over two lakh system could be infected.

Though expect for some isolated incidents, Indian Government has declared global cyberattack could not impact India. The centre has been updating our whole security measures since March itself. India is not at all the victim of the attack in the manner other countries of the world are facing. ”The whole idea is to ensure that these attacks in India can be addressed in a very effective manner. On the larger issue of reinforcing our architecture, we are going to set up cyber coordination centre by June end. IT Minister Ravishankar Prasad said.