Cape Town being badly affected by drought “waiting for miracles”
Source :News Bharati English   Date :18-May-2017

Cape Town, May 18: Cape Town, the famous city of South Africa is popular for its tourism sector. Not only that, it comes to news several times as a well-known cricket hub of the world. But unfortunately, this city is now struggling with worst drought in 100 years. The drought is hitting harder because no one could anticipate the severity of this drought.

The city is now hosting African Utility Week conference. Gisela Kaiser during an address to delegates has told the city is waiting for the miracle. They have outlined many water restrictions but those are not giving a good result.  At the start of water restriction, the water level in dams fell down by 6% from 70% in 2015. Heavier rain takes place in winter in the city. The last two winters were dry in Cape Town. Unfortunately, meteorologists are warning of facing again a dry winter.

Embeded ObjectEven during the conference, Kaiser requested delegates to use water carefully. Now the city is handling every step very carefully as they have nothing to do now for the prevention. With proper restriction, the city has been able to save 59 million cubic meters water that is equivalent to 23 600 swimming pools or approximately 295 million baths. South Africa is the 31st driest country in the world and Cape Town is a water scarce region.

Now a new water restriction has been proposed to limit the water use of residents to 100 liters of water per person per day. Any extra usage of drinking water like car washing, watering of gardens would be banned under the new restriction.