Rather than ‘Stress’, now ‘Maternity’ is all about ease, comfort-a beautiful experience
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 18-May-2017

New Delhi, May 18: The maternity benefits programme was approved by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Cabinet on Wednesday, where this scheme is approved for the first child only. A Scheme called Maternity Benefits Program – a conditional cash transfer scheme is planned for the beneficiary of pregnant and lactating moms. This scheme is brought by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

The plan is intended to guarantee that each lady accomplishes ideal healthful status during the time of pregnancy and lactation. Due to financial and social distress, many ladies keep on working to acquire a living for their family right upto the most recent days of their pregnancy and resume work directly after the birth of child

According to the scheme, the pregnant and lactating women will be provided cash incentive with the goal that they can take sufficient rest previously and after delivery. This cash incentive is provided for the improvisation of woman’s health and nutrition during the time of pregnancy and lactation.

The cash incentive will be provided to breastfeed the child in the course of the initial six months of the birth. All pregnant ladies and lactating moms (PW&LM) will be paid cash incentive of Rs 6,000 in three installments. It prohibits those ladies who are inconsistent work with the Central government or state governments or Public Sector Undertakings or the individuals who are in receipt of comparable advantages under any law.

The money exchange would be Aadhaar connected through the individual bank/post office account indirect advantage exchange mode. It is normal that around 51.70 lakh recipients would profit of the advantage.

It is a centrally supported plan and the cost sharing amongst Center and states is 60:40 for every states and union domains including governing body, 90:10 for NER and the Himalayan States and 100% Center share for union territories without legislatures.

Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers who are qualified will get a cash benefit of Rs.5,000 in three installments at the accompanying stages as indicated in the table given the following: