‘Mangyongbong’: First ferry floats to bridge the gap between N. Korea and Russia
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-May-2017

Pyongyang, May 19: Despite UN sanctions North Korea, it started ferry services to Russia. This service aims to develop trade and tourism ties with Russia among growing tensions on the Korean peninsula. The tourist already completed its first tour between Rajin, North Korean port and Vladivostok, the Russian city on Thursday.

This is the first ever ferry service linking North Korea and Russia. The ferry named ‘Mangyongbong’ was built in 1971 and was modernized last year. This ferry carries up to 200 passengers and about 1,500 tonnes of goods.

The UN sanctions on North Korea already banned all trade in weapons, all trade in nuclear-related technologies, trade in rocket or aircraft fuel, North Korean sales of coal, iron, iron ore and other metals and various financial operations by Pyongyang. It even banned the sales of luxury rugs, jewels, and yachts to North Korea.