Update your Windows systems right now to protect from ‘WannaCry’!
Source :News Bharati English   Date :19-May-2017

Washington, May 19: Tech giant, Microsoft has issued updates for users to prevent their computer and laptop from being targeted by next 'WannaCry'. A security update for Windows 10 with 18 security updates, Windows XP, Windows 8 & Windows Server 2003 has been released.
 Microsoft distributed a security update after it detected the security flaw in its XP operating system that enabled the so-called WannaCry ransomware to infiltrate and freeze computers last week.

Those running free antivirus software or have Windows Update enabled are also protected. Users are also advised to refrain using torrents to curb malware attacks. The high price highlights the quandary the world's biggest software company faces as it tries to force customers to move to newer and more secure software.

Meanwhile, The ransomware, Wanna Cry infected computers running on older versions of Microsoft operating systems like XP, locking access to files on the computer and encrypted all the data stored on the hard drives. In lieu of decrypting the data, Wanna Cry demanded payment in bitcoin, a crypto-currency.Embeded Object