Australia sets deadline till 1st Oct for ‘refugees’ to prove their genuine refugee statuses
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-May-2017

Sydney, May 21: Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has set a deadline till October 1st, for refugees living in Australia to prove their genuine refugee status or they will be deported. Duton noted and warned that "game is up" for "fake refugees".

Minister Peter Dutton, said that 7,500 refugees living in Australia are “fake refugees”. “We aren’t going to tolerate that any longer,” he added. Further “we are prepared to support people who are genuine refugees but we aren’t going to support people who are just accessing welfare and taxpayer benefits and then refusing to provide any information in relation to their protection claim,” Dutton said.

“The expectation is, if people can’t make their claim for protection then they need to depart our country as quickly as possible.”

He said that the government would continue to provide Medicare support, schooling for children, and allow people to work until individual claims were finalised, but that they would not receive income support.