Pune to be new champion or Mumbai will conquer again? IPL final match will give answer
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-May-2017

Hyderabad, May 21: In this season of IPL Rising Pune Supergiant faced Mumbai Indian for three times. Although, every time Pune tasted defeat, but IPL is not only a game of scoreboard but also a game where the audience watches the key duos of great players. In this final match, RPS and MI will face each other with their full power, and the audience is already charging up to see key battles/ key duos between players. Below there are some expected key duos which can be expected from RPS and MI for one last time.

 Expected Duos:

Looking at Dhoni and Bumrah, one is the best over ending batsman of India while another is the best death over bowler of current cricket era of India. MI faced RPS three times where Dhoni scores only 7 runs in the first match, while he scored only 2 runs from Bumrah’s over. On the third match, Bumrah gave 3 Runs in his first five balls of the over. However, he hasn’t even bowled a single Yorker that time. He gifted the audience a beautiful spell of 3 balls and two dot balls. But experience wicket-keeper batsman Dhoni was able to understand his cards after facing five flawless deliveries. In last delivery, Dhoni managed an over the boundary, and proved that still, the game is on! So this is a very crucial key-duo, which will grab attention and tension both in Hyderabad.

Washington Sunder came to the spotlight as a replacement of Ashwin, after an injury of Ashwin. Sunder will serve Pune as one of the key factors to winning. He is also the youngest person ever who secured ‘man of the match award’. Right now he is on fourth in the list of most economic bowler of IPL 2017, with a rate of 6.62. On the other hand, if we look to Mi there is Karan. He is one of the most wicket-taking bowlers in this season. He took 13 wickets in 8 matches and his average is more than one wicket per match. Now in Hyderabad, this is another key battle, a key tension making factor whether Karan will get more wicket or Sunder will induce the batsman to make mistake on this slow pitch.

Stevenson Smith scored 84 not out against Mumbai Indians in the last match, and he has scored the highest amount of run in his team, in this edition of IPL. But from the past, we all know 84 not out is not the very best of Smith. Opponent Mi has another devastating batsman Rohit Sharma, who already scored above three-hundred in this season. So in this final match, all RPS supporters will keep hoping for Smith to end with a bang, and MI supporters are already confident on Rohit, so how RPS treats Rohit that will be the main point of interest here.

Embeded ObjectThe Big Scenario:

If we look at the big scenario, if Mi wins this match they will be the first team winning 100 matches in IPL. MI has won the highest number of matches in IPL, though they lose 4 matches still, from the first season they are the best team according to the statistics. If they won this match they will upgrade to Qualifier-1 from Qualifier-2. So ultimately Mumbai Indians has already made their road towards the final. According to cricket specialist, Mumbai Indians is the strongest and best team in ten years history of Indian Premier League.

Embeded ObjectBoth of these teams have strength, power, talent, energy, experience. But this is crucial how they are planning the strategies, how they are performing, how they are battling against others skills. So hoping this match in Hyderabad will be like a grand symphony orchestra, full of tensions and releases, full of counterpoints, full of excitements!