Wanna Smile! 19 year old Indian teen finds solution for ‘Wanna Cry’
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-May-2017

Dispur, May 21: A 19-year old Assam techie, Indrajeet Bhuyan and his friend Hrishikesh Barman claim to have found a solution for Wanna Cry ransomware. Named 'Wannasmile', solution includes a couple of batch files that people can download and install on their systems to prevent attacks. The batch files work on all the machines irrespective of its connectivity to internet.

Tech blogger and security researcher Bhuyan said that while the world is fighting the ransomware, a deadlier version, WannaCry-2 is already out. ‘It seems version 2 is not made by the same author who made WannaCry ransomware, but some copycat hackers. As the original attack was very high-profile, it’s common to see copycat attacks by others.’

WannaSmile reportedly will eliminate the virus by disabling SMB in the system, editing host file and add google’s IP to the ‘kill-switch’ and creating a lightweight local web server and add localhost to ‘Kill-switch’, he added.

Wanna Smile software set up a proxy server, which fools the ransomware into thinking it is communicating with its designated domain. This fake domain then instructs the malicious software to kill itself – that is allow the user access as usual. It also turns the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol off on a user’s machine. This is usually turned on by default in Windows XP – and is a protocol that the ransomware exploits to infect the machine.

As the virus called WannaCry Ransomware has spread like wildfire in almost 100 countries including United States, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Philippines and Vietnam, India in less than 24 hours, panic has set in. As tech experts are trying to stop this deadly virus from making further damages.