‘Start Up India Summit’ begins in UAE today; focus on 4 individual tech sectors to boost India
Source :News Bharati English   Date :23-May-2017

Abu Dhabi, May 23: An Indian startup is on track to become the world's first-ever private company to land on the moon while another offers an innovative breast cancer screening software. They are among 18 high-tech entities which are getting ready to take part in the 2 day Start-up India Summit in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The summit will focus on four sectors - Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, TechHealth and Software. A two day “Start up India Summit” will begin in Abu Dhabi, UAE, today.


This is the first “Start Up Summit” being held in the UAE by the Consul General of India (CGI) in Dubai and Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi in partnership.Embeded ObjectIndian Ambassador to UAE Navdeep Suri highlighted that “Start Up India” is the flagship programme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it is the endeavour of India which is the third largest eco-system in the world leading in tech innovation globally while UAE aims to be the world hub for technology in future.

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The aim is to provide a shared platform for the Start up eco system in both India and UAE for greater collaboration, exchange ideas, interact with academia, investors and industry and have access to funding from the venture capitalist in the UAE. 

Elaborating on the type of startup companies who are participating in the event, CGI in Dubai, 17 Start up Companies from India in the space of Artificial Intelligence, Financial Technology or Fintech, Digi Medicine, Health care Technology, Innovative Technology and Software as service will take part in the two day event .

The emerging trend in India is to have your own start-up with almost four companies mushrooming every day. The students coming from Indian technology institutes don't want a job but start their own company with cutting-edge technologies. India is among the countries to have its own unicorns - a startup valued at over $1 billion.