Yes, Kites can fly underwater; Scientists have built a kite that can harness tidal energy
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-May-2017

London, May 25: We’ve heard of wind mills creating wind energy through its blades but you might have not heard about a kite generating tidal energy. Scientists from Swedish/UK company, Minesto, have built a kite that glides water at speeds up to ten times faster than the tides themselves.

It is a prototype kite with the turbine called ‘Deep Green’ which is way different than the normal kites that fly. The kite is heavily equipped with sensors and communication tools. It consists of 12meters blade and can generate 500 kW of electricity.Embeded ObjectHeije Westberg, the chief technical officer at Minesto, explains: “It’s a kite, and it’s tethered to the sea floor. In a tide we have a lifting force: the water pushing. The wing making it fly forward; it actually accelerates, so it makes the turbine spin. And when the turbine spins, you produce electricity. “

This new invention is so light and is designed brilliantly keeping the hydro-dynamics in mind. From far, the kite looks like a big toy. Since its still in the development stage, Westberg does not push the engine too much as it will create stress on it.

Also, the research team is also working on the tracking system of this object. In the sea, marine animals could get hurt from the blades of this kite and it’s very necessary to track marine animals and the object distinctly. And that’s why, tests are taking place in a protected area, teeming with seals to check the results.

Scientists are using further tests to enhance the technology and also to produce great amount of tidal energy. This project will take time but it’s one of the great inventions in the field of power and electricity. Poor households in Africa and other countries can use this technology to lighten up their houses.

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