Major Gogoi awarded for tying stone pelter on bonnet of Army’s jeep to sustain peace in valley
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-May-2017

Srinagar, May 25: Major Nitin Gogoi who was alleged for tying a civilian on Army’s bonnet jeep has been awarded the commendation card. Notably, Major Gogoi who is in the 53 Rashtriya Rifles, has been honoured with the Army Chief's commendation card for his "sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations".

Meanwhile, during a press briefing, Army chief Bipin Rawat has said that no major action will be taken against Major Gogoi, even if the court of inquiry finds him accountable in using a Kashmiri youth as “human cover for safeguarding his men and Election Commission official”.

During the press briefing, on being asked about honouring Gogoi with gallantry award the Army chief said that such act of inspiration should be given immediate recognition. However, such action doesn’t come under gallantry award. He is been given commendation card for recognition. Rawat again made clear that stone pelters will be treated as “anti-nationals” and if they will interfere in their work then strict actions will be taken against them.

On the other side, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said that army officers are free to take decisions in a war-like zone. Without mentioning Major Gogoi's action, Minister Jaitley said, "Well, military solutions are to be provided by military officers. How a situation is to be dealt with when you are in a war-like zone, we should allow our army officers to take a decision.” "They don't have to consult members of Parliament as to what they should do under such circumstances," he added.

Earlier, Major Gogoi on Tuesday said that his step was taken in the complete interest of saving the people of Kashmir. Major Gogoi while addressing a press briefing said, "We went to a polling booth to check the security situation, and then some people started pelting stones at us. Then, the stone-pelters started throwing petrol bombs at us. I took that step just to save local people.”

Major Gogoi has also been given a clean chit by the Court of Inquiry and not recommended any action against him. Major Gogoi a member of 53 Rashtriya Rifles has experience of over decades and got several promotions. On April 9 in Budgam, Major Gogoi and his troop arrested Farooq Ahmad Dar and tied him on the bonnet of jeep accusing him as a stone pelter. Later, Dar claimed that he had gone out to vote and not a stone-pelter. However, after he was tied to the jeep, the convoy was able to pass safely.