Russia apologizes after “unprofessional" intercept of a US aircraft
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 26-May-2017

Pentagon, May 26: Russia-US relation is the most discussed topic in international politics. The relation goes one step further then again goes back one step. Recently a Russian fighter jet US official US official a “non-professional” interception of an American tanker aircraft KC-10. The incident happened over the skies in Syria. As US officials said Russia sought an apology to repay the mistake.

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian told the accident took place two years ago. "We had one incident where there was an intercept they ran that I would categorize as unprofessional, and we called them on it and expressed our concern," Harrigan said to Pentagon reporters.  He supervises US Air force in that particular region.

According to Harrigan, the situation is improving over there. He said they are trying to de-conflict the zone. It was the only incident in the recent months and added to that Russia apologized quickly. He said, "They came back, quite frankly, and apologized for that particular intercept." He has appreciated Russia for understanding their effort to appropriately de-conflict. Russia needs to be aware of any "strategic miscalculation" in the zone. For a “tighter airspace”, they need to increase the amount of de-confliction work. He has mentioned the zone as "a complex, dynamic environment for air operations."