#ScienceExpress: Successfully raising awareness about climate change in Southern India
Source :News Bharati English   Date :28-May-2017

Hyderabad, May 28: Science Express touches South India with an aim to create awareness about the climate change and similar issues. Science Express Climate Action Special (SPECAS) II at four days at Kottavalasa, Andhra Pradesh got a good response as more than 33,000 people visited the exhibition.

Even though having summer holidays to school and colleges, the number of students visited the Science Express was low, rather than that many of the general public gave a good response. Many guardians and parents approached their child for exhibition and visited Science Express with the aim to make understand the importance of the environment to the coming generation.

Children who visited the exhibition not only attended the exhibition but also took part in complementary activities of SECAS II in JOY of Science (JOS) Lab, Kids Zone and Platform Activity.

On 22nd May, International Biodiversity Day was celebrated by SECAS II team as they have conducted conducting different activities at the Platform and in JOS Lab. Highlighting this year’s theme, ‘Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism’, the documentary movie on ‘India’s Biodiversity across its Biogeographic Zones’, a presentation on ‘Importance of International Biodiversity Day’ ‘Biodiversity and its Conservation’, ‘Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism’, ‘Know your Flora’ etc.

After a celebration of International Biodiversity Day, Science Express team celebrated World Turtle Day, where they conducted different activities at a platform. The children enjoyed making turtles with paper at a specials session on paper origami conducted by the team.

SECAS II crossed 7.5 lakh total visitors after the Kottavalasa visit. It was a successful halt of Science Express at Kottavalasa. After Kottavalasa, the train departed to the next station Gudivada in Andhra Pradesh, where it got a good response. Currently, the Science Express is in Mirylaguda from 27th May and will be there until 30th May.