#Beefban: RaGa deplores Kerala ox slaughter by Youth Cong members
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-May-2017

New Delhi, May 29: Even as Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi strongly deplored and condemned the gruesome act of butchering of domestic ox in the full public view in Kerala on Saturday, allegedly by some Youth Congress zealots, the Vishwa Hindu Parisahd (VHP) has demanded an apology from the Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi.

VHP leader Surendra Jain said that act of the Congress activists was highly deplorable.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi too had condemned the butchering of a domestic ox terming the incident as “thoughtless and barbaric”. He said that it was “unacceptable” to him and his party as well.

“What happened in Kerala yesterday is thoughtless, barbaric and completely unacceptable to me and the Congress party. I strongly condemn the incident,” he tweeted.

The police have booked some Youth Congress activists in connection with the incident that drew flak from various quarters.

Meanwhile, expressing surprise over the silence maintained by the Congress party on the horrible incident the VHP said that this uncivilized behavior of the Congress workers in Kerala. VHP strongly condemned the incident.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan had reiterated that his government would not accept and implement the Centre’s decision on ban on beef sale and purchase. He said that he would approach the Prime Minister and seek his indulgence in the matter.