At least 22 civilians killed in airstrikes that targeted northern city of Raqqa, Syria
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-May-2017

Beirut, May 29: At least 22 civilians are killed after a series of airstrike were hit in the northern city of Raqqa which is a stronghold of dangerous terrorist organization Islamic State. Notably, the series of airstrike were held on the road between the villages of Ratla and Kasrat of Raqqa.

According to Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 18 people were killed in the series of airstrike which targeted the villages of Ratla and Kasrat of Raqqa. The Observatory group also stated that airstrikes hit buses and other vehicles, adding that the identity of the dead is not known.

Meanwhile, the other human rights group after the airstrikes said that Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently and further added that the buses were carrying civilians when airstrike took place. The Syrian Observatory group and human rights organizations have blamed United States led coalition for this attack which has been carrying out airstrikes in Syria against IS since September 2014.

US-backed Syrian fighters have been marching toward Raqqa for weeks under the cover of coalition airstrikes in order to eradicate terrorism and ISIS from the country. Earlier, Syrian army troops liberated three villages in the north of Hama province and killed over 300 militants in the month of April.

Interestingly, Syria is victimized by both terrorism and chemical wars. Therefore, United States Treasury department imposed sanctions against five people and five entities accused of providing support to Syria's government or linked to those previously sanctioned over the Syrian government's violence against its citizens. Also in the month of April this year, the US imposed sanctions on 271 employees of the Syrian government agency who were allegedly producing chemicals used in a deadly attack on Syrian civilians.