Bihar retains the position of highest litchi producing state in the country
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-May-2017

Muzaffarpur, May 29: Litchi is a very famous sub-tropical fruit in India. Not only for its taste but also for trade, litchi is important in India, especially in Bihar. Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Radha Mohan Singh has today inaugurated a Litchi Processing Plant in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. In the occasion, he has depicted their focus on research to develop new varieties and techniques of litchi farming to increase its production. He has declared Bihar is the top litchi producing State in the country. In Bihar, about 300 thousand metric tons of litchi is being produced from 32 thousand hectares of area contributing 40% to Litchi Production.

There is a need to increase the productivity of litchi, which is currently 8.0 ton. All the government institutions, cooperatives, and farmers will need to work in cooperation. Scientists at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and National Research Centre on Litchi have succeeded in treating litchi and preserving it for 60 days at low temperature. One of its processing plants has also been developed. The new technique will be helpful for the litchi producers and businessmen.

The National Research Centre on Litchi is providing about 35-40 thousand plants every year to various institutions/states in the country. Union Agriculture Minister said that the National Research Centre on Litchi is working closely with other institutions of ICAR and agricultural universities of the state and the development centers of the Central and State Governments like National Horticulture Board, APEDA, National Horticulture Mission etc.

To acknowledge the hard work of our scientists, State Governments and other institutions should take the work of scientists to common mass. ‘Mera Gaon- Mera Gaurav’ program has helped scientists to reach villagers with their work. Excluding Bihar, to enhance Litchi production in other states, it is important to focus on research work.