Baloch protests across Europe and US: Slams Pakistan nuclear test in 1998
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-May-2017

New York, May 29: Pakistan’s apathy, human rights violation towards Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan has crossed all the limits long back before but still international community is quiet. As much as Pakistan with the support of China suppresses the voice of Balochistan more it rises. The massive protest was organized by Free Balochistan Movement on Sunday in many cities of different nations against Pakistan’s nuclear weapons test done in Balochistan on 28th May 1998 and China-Pak nexus in the region.

Notably, on May 28, 1998, Pakistan had a successful nuclear weapon test in Balochistan's Chaghai hills due to which the region is suffering from dangerous diseases and also poses threat to the world’s peace. Therefore, Free Balochistan Movement party organized a massive protest in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Washington to register their anger against Pakistan and remind the whole world about the danger of Islamabad's nuclear weapons.

Thousands of people in different cities of several countries joined this mass movement and registered their protest against Pakistan and raised the voice saying “Baluch want peace and freedom and not nuclear bombs.” In this protest, freedom loving people, many human rights activists and anti-nuclear weapons groups joined to raise voice against Pakistan. The protest was commenced under Free Balochistan Movement party headed by Hirbyair Marri.

Importantly, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons pose not only a threat to Balochistan but also for Pashutan, Sindh and several other countries. Pakistan has also breached the nuclear proliferation treaty by providing information to North Korea and Iran which also poses threat to the world. Well-known Pakistani scientist Dr. Qadir Khan has also publically admitted passing of nuclear information to other countries.

Since the nuclear tests in 1998 in Balochistan, thousands of residents are killed due to the dangerous diseases caused by radiations. Hundreds of children born with defects and many are suffering still.  

Interestingly, Balochistan is fighting for their freedom since decades but their struggle came into limelight after India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised his voice in the year 2015 during Independence Day programme. Later, the freedom fighters of the Pakistan-ruled Balochistan province carried out protests with the support of Indian flag and PM Modi posters.

Indian administration also took this issue to the international community via United Nations general meeting and External Minister Sushma Swaraj gave a briefing on the human rights violation by Pakistan in Balochistan.

Later, speeding up actions against Pakistan, Baloch activists came together again and started a massive movement against Pakistan and tried to create awareness in the whole world about Islamabad’s apathy in the region and threat to world.