AIMPLB misleading Muslims on triple talaq issue: Prof Md. Shabbir
Source :News Bharati English   Date :03-May-2017

New Delhi, May 3: Former Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and former Dean of the Law Faculty Prof Mohammad Shabbir lambasted at All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) for ‘misleading the society’ on the sensitive issue of triple talaq.

Speaking at the seminar on double standards in regard with Triple Talaq, Sri Ramjanmabhumi Mandir and Freedom of Expression organized by the Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) Delhi Chapter on April 24 at the Krishna Menon Bhavan, Bhagwandas Road (Supreme Court), he accused the AIMPLB of spreading falsehood in the society on the issue of triple talaq. He alleged that the board was trying to justify triple talaq with the help of falsehood so that the exploitation of women could continue.

Prof Shabbir, who had severed his four-decade long association with the AIMPLB on the same issue, further raised many questions on the role of the board. He alleged that the board was justifying the injustice heaped on the hapless women in by spreading falsehood on the tricky issue.

Stating that the undertakings submitted in the Supreme Court by the AIMPLB were misleading and against the Quran. Many Muslim countries including Pakistan have banned triple talaq and the practice of ‘halala’. Prof Shabbir said that the AIMPLB should learn from these countries and write a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban triple talaq.

The learned scholar said that triple talaq was not acceptable to various Muslim sects like Shia. Pakistan had passed the Family Ordinance Act and banned the triple talaq and halala. Divorces are granted through the courts and not by ‘triple talaq’. He said that this practice was accepted in the Sunni school of thought.

He said that over a dozen Muslim countries including Pakistan, Tunisia. Morocco, Iran and Egypt have regulated the triple talaq. If these Islamic countries can do away with this practice of triple talaq through law and this is not considered in violation of the Sharia, how, then such a step can be wrong in a secular country like India, he asked.

He stressed that AIMPLB cannot disseminate good message in the society because it does not have logic, it has only the falsehood. He said that the Quran has dealt with the talaq in detail and according to Islam talaq is permitted only in extreme conditions. It is considered as most fallen crime in the eyes of the Allah. There should be efforts of reconciliation before the divorce is granted.

Giving talaq from a distant land is not permitted in Islam. Major sections of the Muslims have also rejected the triple talaq. Any Muslim woman can approach the court if she is not happy with the behaviour of her husband towards her. It is time to safeguard our religious freedom and intellectuals and elites in the Muslim society are voicing their views on this issue.

Prof Shabbir called for finding a solution to the vexed issue of triple talaq. And this is the best time for striking at the solution to this issue, he added. He appealed to the Muslim leaders to approach the government to take steps in accordance with the constitution.

End triple talaq totally, Shahnaz Afzal: Launching a frontal attack on the evil practice of triple talaq and the hardships it caused to the Muslim women, Shahnaz Afzal, National Co-Convener of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) Women’s Cell, called for ending this practice to save these women.

Addressing the seminar Shahnaz Afzal described the triple talaq as a disease and called for its permanent treatment. Defending religious freedom she said that it was wrong if it affects the morality and character of women.

Targeting the AIMPLB she said that the board is providing illogical basis in support of this practice. Instead of spreading falsehood and misleading the Muslims society in the name of religious sanctions, the Board should come forward for resolving this issue, she added.

Why the board can’t be serious on this issue in the light of the Holy Quran, she asked firing another salvo at the board on not opening its doors for those talaq-affected hapless women. The issue is about the rights of the divorced women who are forced to live a hell-like life in absence of any facility and opportunity.

Referring to UP, she said that the BJP had taken a stand on this issue as the state is most affected with this menace of triple talaq. Maximum cases related to triple talaq have come from this state besides there has been considerable increase in their numbers in Jharkhnad, Madhya Pradesh and other states, she added.

She pointed that many divorced Muslim women are now writing to the government and administration for the help. They have mustered courage and strengthening their voice of revolt openly as they are getting support from other organisations. No Muslims organisation has ever sought a ‘fatwa’ against them.

She said that now the issue is in the court and there is a hope that in the coming days there can be a definite verdict in favour of the Muslim women. The treatment of this ailment called triple talaq has become most pertinent, she added.

Triple should be eradicated totally. It is time for social reforms and Muslim women should be given half of the share in the property to give them proper justice so that she could lead her life without any financial or other hurdles, she added.

The seminar also deliberated on construction of Sri Ram Temple at Ayodhya and Freedom of Expression. All the speakers favoured temple at Ayodhya and condemned anti-national activities in the name of freedom of expression.

Senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar was chief guest for the program.