#CycloneMora: After helping Sri Lanka, India sends INS Sumitra to Bangladesh for rescue operation
Source :News Bharati English   Date :31-May-2017

New Delhi, May 31: After extending a hand of support to Sri Lanka by sending Indian Navy Ship (INS) who recently affected from landslides and heavy flood, India sends INS Sumitra to Bangladesh. It is already involved in a major Search and Rescue (SAR) operation 90 miles south of Bangladesh's Chittagong which has been hit hard by Cyclone Mora.

The spoke person Indian Navy Captain DK Sharma informed that INS had rescued 27 people who were found adrift at sea over 100 miles away from Bangladesh’s Chittong city. Still, the rescue is in the process. Many people stuck and had been blown away from shore and coastal dwelling units because of Cyclone Mora.

Sharma said "INS Sumitra operating in the Northern Bay of Bengal rescued 27 survivors found adrift at sea approximately 100 miles south of Chittagong. These include ladies, children, and elderly people". He also added, "Search and Rescue for more survivors is drastically hampered due to prevailing rough weather in the area".

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One man was found serious; his pulse and heartbeat could not be traced. Right now, he is admitted and on the ventilator. As yesterday severe cyclonic storm 'Mora' hit Chittagong, massive evacuation is underway in Bangladesh.

After northeast and adjoining east central Bay of Bengal, the severe cyclonic storm MORA moved further north-northeastward with a speed of 28 kmph, and lay centered at 02:30 hrs IST yesterday.

According to Deputy Commissioner Zillur Rahman Chowdhury, around 30,000 people have taken up refuge at the hundreds of storm shelters near the coast, as heavy rainfall is being reported in Chittagong.

Mora was based at on 385km south of Chittagong port and 305km south of Cox's Bazar port around 7 pm on Monday, said Bangladesh Meteorological Department. The Indian Navy on Monday had said that it has kept its Eastern Fleet boats at the most elevated amount of planning to extract help to Bangladesh if required.