NCERT textbooks promoting violent Maoist ideology; asked to 'Rectify' immediately
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 04-May-2017

New Delhi, May 04: The Legal Rights Observatory, a Human Rights watchdog has sent news cuttings and photos of National Council Of Educational Research And Training textbooks, regarding references in NCERT books which are eulogising slain Maoist terrorist leader Kishenji who was killed in a Police encounter last year.

LRO Co-ordinator Vinay Joshi has sent a warning letter to the NCERT asking for immediately correcting the mistakes which are punishable under various IPC sections pertaining to Sedition and Promotion of violent ideologies.

LRO letter says: Your Class 10 textbook crossed all limits by dedicating a separate chapter to honour bloodthirsty terror leader, on which Police had declared reward of Rs 50 lakhs in cash.

NCERT dedicated a page to Naxalite leader Kishenji and then goes on to question students on what advice they will give to his followers. The Std X book, said to be available for free download on NCERT website, seems to unnecessarily glorify Kishenji in chapter no 6 titled 'Political Parties'.

Ironically, the NCERT has shamelessly replied that Wednesday that the name 'Kishenji' mentioned in social science textbook Democratic Politics-II for class X was not a reference to the Naxal leader but to Kishen Patnaik, former Praja Socialist Party (PSP) MP from the Sambalpur Lok Sabha seat.

The LRO has demanded an immediate withdrawal of objectionable books from the syllabus, Termination of services of guilty officers, and file a criminal police complaint against those found guilty of promoting violent ideologies through textbooks.

"If NCERT fails to take swift and decisive action against guilty officers in this regard, then Legal Rights Observatory- LRO will file a court suit against NCERT under appropriate IPC sections including 124(A) (sedition). 153 and 153 (A)." Warns the LRO Chief.

It is not new that the hidden anti-India agendas via educations is a much-liked gameplan of Maoists, Naxals and Church missionaries.

The National Council Of Educational Research And Training and its Leftist gang of consultant historians in NCERT has always The main charge is that the Marxist/Leftist historians whitewashed the Islamic rule in India and blamed Hindus for all the ills of India. Like Islamic barbaric ruler 'Akbar' became 'Great' and Maharana Pratap who fought for the self-esteem of India became the 'revolter'. Cruel radical killer of his father and brother Aurangzeb who murdered Chatrapati Sambhaji became the great Emperor living a simple life and Chatrapati Shivaji became a 'decoit'.

For years ... in fact from the start of the 'independent' India, the NCERT books butchered the spirit of Indian-ness and infused the rhetoric of Maoist - leftist ideology which denounces the great and admirable heritage of ancient India.