Say ‘NO’ to coffins; biodegradable burial pods will bring life to the death
Source :News Bharati English   Date :04-May-2017

Rome, May 4: Pollution is a global threat to the entire world as but does it stand as the only ‘threat’? Well, according to Christian burial rules, one is buried in the grave with the help of coffin. Ever wondered how much resource does it take to build one coffin? A coffin needs wood, metal, synthetic cushioning and other materials too. Recently, Italian designers Raoul bretzel and Anna Citelli have a solution to this traditional method of burial. They have come up with an idea of organic egg shaped biodegradable casket. It’s called ‘Capsula Mundi’.
The idea was born in the year 2013. A Capsula Mundi is made up of bio-degradable plastic that breaks down under the ground. After the breakage, the nutrients from the decayed body will help a sapling to grow. In this way, the usage of resources for building a coffin is being reduced, and so is land pollution. By burying coffins everywhere, there’s no ample space for future burials. This invention will create a new life out of death.

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"We started thinking about projects that could have an environmental aspect. Death is part of our life but at design fairs nobody cares about that because it's one side of our life that we don't want to look at. We don't like to think of death as part of life." Said Bretzel.

Currently, the designers will make the first version of their product which will use ashes only. Eventually, they will build a pod for the bodies in fetal positions. According to scientists, this invention will prevent land degradation and become a viable solution of the future.