Facebook deploys 'Express Wi-Fi' service to set up 20,000 hotspots in India
Source :News Bharati English   Date :05-May-2017

New Delhi, May 5: Social networking platform Facebook came up with 'Express Wi-Fi' service which aims to offer internet facility for people living in rural parts of the country. Facebook announced its partnership with Airtel to launch 20,000 new Express Wi-Fi by Facebook hotspots across the country "over the next few months".

Facebook revealed the service which is now commercially available via nearly 700 hotspots across four states - Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Meghalaya.The Express Wi-Fi connectivity solution is currently live in five countries - India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania.Users can log onto public wi-fi hotspots made available through partner telecom operators and buy daily, weekly or monthly data packs being sold through local entrepreneurs.

Facebook says anyone can access the Express Wi-Fi network by signing up with an Express Wi-Fi retailer and purchasing a daily, weekly or monthly data pack at a rate set by its partners. They will then be able to connect to the Express Wi-Fi hotspot, register/create an account, log in, and "start browsing or use any app on the entire Internet." Facebook has also onboarded as a partner, telecom giant Bharti Airtel, which will deploy over 20,000 wi-fi hotspots over the next few months.

Munish Seth, Head of Connectivity Solutions, Facebook Asia Pacific, said, "Express Wi-Fi is designed to complement mobile data offerings by providing a low-cost, high-bandwidth alternative for getting online and access apps, download and stream content. Our Express Wi-Fi partnerships empower local Indian entrepreneurs to start businesses to offer internet access to their town or region. They also help Indians connect to the internet easily and for an affordable rate."

"Our goal is to grow the number of Express Wi-Fi hotspots in India rapidly. India has a population of about 1.3 billion people, but according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI's) Performance Indicator Report, only 390 million people are connected to the Internet... More connectivity helps build global communities. We can't wait to work with our partners to continue expanding Express Wi-Fi across the world." Tech giant Google has also rolled out free Internet access through public wi-fi hotspots at various railway stations in partnership with RailTel.