Jai Hind! Nation salutes the ‘Courage’ of India's Women soldiers speak louder than ‘Gender’
Source :News Bharati English   Date :07-May-2017

New Delhi, May 7: It wasn’t that she tried to be different, but instead against all odds she dared to be courageous of all. Women themselves have broken the barriers that kept them bounded in a male dominant society. The phenomenal example is of our Indian Women Army.
It is unfortunate that the world realizes the significance of the women themselves carved their importance by proving their skills and capabilities. But now women rule the world as they did in ancient times. Today there are no such domains of work that women haven’t delved into.  Rather women sit in the top positions of any domain you name it. The Indian Armed Forces, which for long was considered a male dominated workplace, now has confident, bold women, moulding into every role and setting examples for everyone.

These below words convey the courageous side of Indian Women Army and how they are different and important for our nation. The words are “while you carry a purse, she carries a 65 Lb rucksack. While you shop with your friends, she cleans her rifle with her battle buddies. When you wear heels, she wears her combat boots. Instead of the makeup that you wear on your face to make yourself look pretty, she paints her face for camouflage. While you kiss your husband goodbye for the day, she kisses her goodbye for the year.”

Embeded Object

Although the path these women have chosen is tough, they have proved that they have the spirit, the courage and the will to carry on. Presently, women do not serve in combat arms nor do they fly fighter aircraft, but it won’t be long before these forbidden avenues are thrown open to them. 

Living inspirations are worth more than just ‘Thank You’, these women army have set a benchmark to the whole world that courage speaks more than the gender. Women have progressed over the years in fighting and moving towards their rights.