Adolf Hitler’s abode discovered with World War II bombs, 50,000 evacuated from Hanover
Source :News Bharati English   Date :07-May-2017

Berlin, May 7: Germany played a huge role in the making of ‘World War II’ and now, it looks like that Karma is playing its role. In a major discovery, Germany found unexploded bombs dating back to World War days in Hanover. More than 50,000 people have been ordered to leave their homes.
A total of 13 unexploded ordnances from the 1940s, found at a construction site, are expected to be removed from the northwestern city on Sunday.  Defusing operations will start in the morning, but may last well into the night. The operation is the second largest of its kind carried out in Germany, and will affect around a tenth of the city's population.

City authorities have announced restrictions on movement for security purposes. Bomb disposal experts had initially checked as many as 13 suspicious objects, but reports suggest only five were considered possible bombs - two on a building site at the city's Wedelstaße, and three others nearby.

Last year, 54,000 of Southern German city of Augsburg were similarly evacuated on Christmas Day. This is the second largest evacuation post-war which only shows that Germany had planned its military stance, a way too seriously.