New prosthetics hand for amputees that can see objects and works like a real hand
Source :News Bharati English   Date :09-May-2017

London, May 9: We have often seen actors in sci-fi Hollywood films with prosthetic hands or legs meddling with arms and ammunitions in action scenes, all that is about using CGI and animation. But in a recent innovative research at Newcastle University, a bionic hand is discovered which can see objects and reaches for it automatically. The reason being, a camera is attached with the prosthetics which clicks a picture of the object before aiming for it.
The prosthetics assesses the shape and size of the object and then triggers for the grasping movement. This device is to be believed 10 times faster than the current bionic limbs. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is brilliant at detecting objects and then picking them up.
This new and faster invention will prove to be very helpful for amputees who have lost a hand. The technology has already been trialled on a small group of amputees by Dr Kianoush Nazarpour from Britain. He claims, “Responsiveness has been one of the main barriers to artificial limbs. First time in the century, we have developed an intuitive hand that can react without thinking.”

At the current situation, the prosthetic hands work by picking up electrical signals which requires control and concentration. But the new device can calculate the space and different objects easily which helps in gripping anything instantly.

The project that can sense pressure and temperature and transmit the information to the brain is new for us. This means that the brain can directly communicate with the prosthetics. Dr Nazarpour said, “It’s a stepping stone towards our ultimate goal. But importantly it’s cheap and can be implemented soon.”