GST is bound to prove a game-changer, will place India at forefront in global economy: DoNER
Source :News Bharati English   Date :10-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 10: Recently after Goods and Services Tax Bill was passed in some of the North-East states, Union Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region DoNER, Dr. Jitendra Singh chaired the meeting and discussed the various aspects of GST and its importance for India.

While discussing the GST, DoNER Minister along with Parliamentary Consultative Committee for Ministry of DoNER focused on the subject of GST. The members expressed their views about the tax provisions relating to North Eastern Handicrafts and handloom products. They also made some observations about the tax on broom-sticks and bamboo products. GST is expected to roll out in the eight States of North Eastern region also from the 1st of July.

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Dr. Jitendra Singh said that GST is bound to prove a game-changer for the Indian economy and in the times to come, it will play an essential role to place the Indian nation as a frontline global player. He said, the North-Eastern region, like the rest of the country, will not only benefit from the ease of business resulting from “One Nation, One Tax” dictum but would also, in the long run, reinforce the State exchequer and the tax pool by eliminating the possibilities of tax evasion.

Dr. Jitendra Singh observed, that there are likely to be certain adjustment issues during the transition phase, but this should not deter our determination because, in the final reckoning, it is the GST which will carry India, including the Northeast, forward on the road to growth and economic empowerment. He said, some of the issues relating to Internet connectivity in the remote parts of the North-Eastern region have been brought to notice and are being adequately addressed so that the entire mechanism falls in line for successful implementation of GST in all the eight States of the region.

The other subjects discussed included tourism and fisheries. All the members had noted with satisfaction that this year there was a huge rise in tourist inflow into different parts of North-Eastern region and some of the favorite destinations like Gangtok and Shillong had actually fallen short of accommodation because of the huge rush.