Everyone eating what they want, nobody facing any difficulty on Northeast cow slaughter notice: Rijiju
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-Jun-2017

Dispur (Assam), June 12: After criticizing reports of suffering in the Northeast subsequent to the center's announcement on cow slaughter, Home Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday said that nobody was facing any difficulty in the region over the matter.

Kiren Rijiju accusing the Congress and ‘pseudo-secular’ groups with raising an ‘obsolete issue’, requested media person to officially visit the northeastern states like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur to examine anyone was facing problems due to the center's announcement.

Rijiju informed that it is not at all an issue. Northeastern region is not facing any difficulty. Everyone is having what they wish to eat. There is no clash, no arrest and no one is put behind the bars. According to him, the Congress is making an issue out of nothing as there is no issue for them. Congress and some pseudo secular groups are raising unnecessary issues which are obsolete. People have rejected them.

Home Affairs Minister puzzled about protests in some tribal states, called it as ‘Political’. When Rijiju asked about the Meghalaya’s two BJP district unit chiefs who resigned in opposing the notification, he said, “Only Congress and some others are making it an issue. Do not make an issue out of an individual resignation from the party”.

Rijiju agreed that Only Congress is protesting. They are falsely creating an issue of an individual resignation and stressed his government would transform the country into a developed one. “The North East was devastated in these years. We will correct it. We will not allow ourselves to get trapped in the Congress and others diversionary tactics,” he added.