Door of European Union is now open to Ukraine; visa-free travel came into act
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Jun-2017

Kiev, June 12: Ukraine, the former part of Soviet Union, has been facing constant conflict with Russia since a long time. During this crisis, the East European state wanted to strengthen their relation with the European Union. On April 6, more than 500 members of the European Parliament voted for the Visa-free regime of Ukrainian people to Europe. From last Sunday, 11th June, visa-free travel of Ukrainian citizen to Schengen Area came into force. More than 1000 Ukrainian citizen traveled to EU on the first day.

The President Petro Poroshenko welcomed the act. He termed it as "a final exit of our country from the Russian Empire." In Slovakia border, they have opened a symbolic "door to the EU." Andrej Kiska, the Slovak Prime Minister was also present there.

“We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and this is a historic moment when we lift this paper curtain separating Ukraine from Europe. It means that Ukraine has carried out huge reforms. We have changed our country by joint efforts and out partners in Europe have kept their word and now the door of the European Union, the door of our friends is open to our 45-million nation, for Ukrainian people. I congratulate all of you," Poroshenko said at the ceremony.

The citizens are celebrating this happiness at their capital Kiev. They are happy that they can travel to Warsaw, Budapest, Frankfurt, and Munich just with a passport. According to local people, this is a day of glory.

Though the via-regime is passed, still there are several restrictions. They need to carry a biometric passport with several documents. Without the visa, Ukraine citizen cannot work or study. EU can terminate the visa regime any time if there is any security concern.