Morcha’s call for strike fails in Darjeeling; tourism badly affected
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 13-Jun-2017

Darjeeling, June 13: A demand for a separate state by Gorkha leaders has been creating a political and unrest in the Hill area of Darjeeling. Darjeeling is one of favorite tourist attraction of Bengal. Tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful city. The recent upsurge of violent protest by Morcha leaders has badly affected the tourism though their call for the indefinite strike has failed. The local administration has done good work to prevent the unnecessary strike but still, tourists could not dare to risk their security, safety.

The call for strike already excluded School, hotels, shops from the list. In addition, state government instructed every government staffs to be present. If they would have been marked absent the day would be deducted from total service step. For this step, the government office works were active on the day of the strike. The Chief Minister said, “The rate of attendance was even better today.” The main areas were violence-free though small incidents of clashes in remote areas were reported.

Tourism is main industry of the area. Due to these chains of upsurges by Morcha leaders have severely affected tourism. The lively scenario has changed. Morcha leader Bimal Gurung asked tourists to leave the hill are. That warning has compelled tourists to return in the plane area. Tourists are now preferring Duars area.

West Bengal tourism brands Sunder ban, Kolkata, Darjeeling as the face of Bengal tourism. This image has been affected seriously.“Who wants to buy problems with their money? The crazy step of Morcha has affected tourism temporarily. The government is taking steps to bring peace in the area. We will not tolerate a loss in tourism.” , Tourism Minister Goutam Deb said.