Going back to origin! Ancient Animal Park in North Russia
Source :News Bharati English   Date :14-Jun-2017

Kotlas, June 14: If someone questions you name an ancient animal the first answer comes to your mind is dinosaurs. The over-hyped Hollywood movies have created a concept which makes us less aware of ancient animals. Paleontologists are working hard to trace the source of human physiology but we hardly recognize their work.  To grow interested in this amazing history, a Park has been opened in North Russia, Kotlas. The park is full of full-size sculptures of ancient animals.

Though the sculptures are painted, still those don’t deviate from reality. The figures are made according to drawings by paleontologists and according to the found skeletons. The sculptures have been held in open air within the walls of the park. The Northern Dvina, a river which flows now was the area where creatures lived in Permian Period.

The scientists have termed these Permian animals as distant relatives of a human. These are much older in age than Dinosaurs. "Dinosaurs are an episode in the life of the Earth, a long one of course, but still an episode. Permian animals are our distant relatives, who are closer to us than dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are distant relatives of birds," Andrei Sennikov a scientist said to local news agency.

Kotlas is the birthplace of Russian Paleontology. In the late 19th century, a geologist and paleontologist Vladimir Amalitsky discovered a huge burial place of animals, which lived during the Permian period. This discovery is regarded as the first one of Russian Paleontology. To understand the evolution history of human race properly, Permian-Triassic creatures are very important. The overhyped Dinosaur theory gives one-sided perception on the life of Earth. This place also plays a good role for scientific tourism. Children will be able to play the game along with learning a scientific history. Further excavations will be also carried out here.