Hundreds of people hospitalized after food poisoning strikes refugee camp of Iraq
Source :News Bharati English   Date :14-Jun-2017

Baghdad, June 14: At least one child has died and over 200 people have been hospitalized while nearly 600 others were treated in the camp itself after a serious outbreak of food poisoning at a refugee camp in Iraq.

About 800 people have been affected by the outbreak, at UNHCR's Hasansham U2 refugee camp, east of Mosul. More than 200 people were admitted to hospital in the provincial capital, Erbil, and other nearby towns, while 600 others were treated in the camp itself after eating the contaminated evening meal on Monday.

The food handout was funded by UK-based Help the Needy Charitable Trust, which said it raced doctors and other medical support to the camp as soon as it was told of the poisoning outbreak. The charity has been working in Iraq for many years on medical and other relief projects and had ordered the meals of chicken, rice, beans and yogurt for the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

As soon as the people started falling sick, dozens of buses and ambulances arrived immediately in the camp and carried victims to hospitals. Iraqi police have opened an investigation into what caused the outbreak at the camp, which houses refugees who have fled the ongoing battle for Mosul.

Meanwhile, Saudi media accused a Qatari charity of supplying tainted food to the residents of the desert camp. Iraqi Health Minister Adila Hamoud told The Associated Press that 752 people in the camp became ill following a Monday night iftar. At least 300 people remain in serious condition, he added.

Major parts of Iraq is suffering drastically due to terrorism and therefore thousands of people are killed, lacs are displaced till now. But unfortunately, now Iraq is suffering from dual attack i.e terrorism with an outbreak of several dangerous diseases.