Macron meets May in Paris; says UK can ‘always’ change its mind on Brexit
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 14-Jun-2017

Paris, June 14: The mess in United Kingdom is evident to the world. The general elections resulted into a hung parliament, rampant terrorist attacks are occurring anywhere and today morning, a fire broke out in West London. Amidst the entire ruckus, Prime Minister Theresa May seeks for her allies in the Europe.  Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron met yesterday to speak on the lines of Brexit and other issues.

Macron appeared to give out the wise decision to May by saying, “Of course the door remains open, always open, until the negotiations come to an end.” The bilateral meeting took place in Paris’s Elyees palace garden.

French President also stressed upon the very fact that if UK plans to leave the EU then coming back will be very difficult. It comes as the UK's Brexit strategy has been thrown into doubt by the shock election result, with pressure on May from factions within and outside her party to water down her threat to withdraw Britain from the EU with "no deal".

While Macron was trying to put out a different viewpoint, May intended to pursue a “soft Brexit” saying: “We want to maintain a close relationship and close partnership with EU and other individual states.”

The two world leaders also spoke on the lines of tackling terrorism and online radicalization to remove extremist content.