With unusual warning of State-Sponsored Cyber attacks, Microsoft releases new security patches
Source :News Bharati English   Date :14-Jun-2017

Washington, June 14: Microsoft is the most used operating system worldwide. Governmental institutions, offices, schools, colleges, Universities almost everywhere we can see the use of Microsoft. In last month, the world was combating with a cyber attack from a ransom war WannaCry. At least 75000 computers were affected globally due to this attack. To prevent the spread of the malware, Microsoft on Tuesday issued a "highly unusual" patch for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and all other users.

During their monthly update review, some vulnerability were found. These may increase the risk of attack. So they released the patch. "In reviewing the updates for this month, some vulnerabilities were identified that pose elevated risk of cyber attacks by government organizations, sometimes referred to as nation-state actors or other copycat organizations,” Adrienne Hall, general manager of crisis management at Microsoft said. Microsoft unusually warned of state-sponsored cyber attacks.

Not only regular updates, users will also enjoy additional security updates. These updates will be available to all customers. Users of an older version of Windows will also be available to use the update. From Microsoft’s download center or Windows Update anyone can get this.

In last Wanna Cry attack, Windows 7 users were the largest part of the victims. Windows XP was not harmed that much. But Microsoft warned also XP users to install these patches.