Ruskin Bond enlightens his fans with “the story of a small man” in his autobiography
Source :News Bharati English   Date :14-Jun-2017

Mumbai, June 14: Ruskin Bond, with the name memories of childhood, rushes back. There is not a single literature book in board syllabus of India where someone will not find a piece from him. “The Indian Wordsworth” attracts the reader from every age, love for his books in childhood only increases with age. After amusing readers for 60 years with his novellas, short stories, non-fiction, and poetry- now Ruskin Bond fans will get the glimpses of this author’s amazing life in his autobiography.

The new book is named as "Lone Fox Dancing". Speaking tiger is publishing the book just at Rs 599. "The Room on the Roof", "Tales of Foster", "The Blue Umbrella" and "The Night Train at Deoli” – the writer of these books has now come up with his longest book. The 83 years of his colorful life has been described in 272 pages of the book.

His immense love for has always been reflected in his work. In his autobiography he has also written ‘ “The trees- my brothers; I have walked among them, feeling I am part of the forest. I have put out my hand and touched the gray bark of an old tree, and its trees have brushed my face as if to acknowledge me. “

Like his work, every part of his book will soothe our heart. Where fiction meets fact, autobiography can be described like this. The favorite writers come back with their life story- this also becomes a part of the literature. Truth also prevails there.

"An autobiography must stay closer to the truth -- even though memory is unreliable and certain things must be disguised or omitted in order to avoid hurting people or embarrassing them unduly. So, this book is about how things happened to me -- more or less. It is the story of a small man, and his friends and experiences in small places”, he writes in the book.

In the epilog he again makes us understand why he is celebrated worldwide; he writes "The lone fox still dances occasionally, but at eighty-three he is not as agile as he used to be".