To curb Delhi’s pollution, 20 real-time pollution monitoring stations to be installed
Source :News Bharati English   Date :15-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 15: To strengthen the fight against air pollution in the Capital, new air quality monitoring stations will start functioning in Delhi by October. Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal chaired a meeting to review the status of measures taken by various agencies to combat air pollution in Delhi.

The meeting held was an extension to earlier meetings on the subject matter to outline a clear implementable roadmap and to take action for short term and long terms solutions for improving air quality in Delhi.

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) currently has only five machines for cleaning major avenue roads of its areas, as the officials concerned said. However, all the three MCDs informed that they would receive the first lot of Mechanical Road Sweepers (MRS) by July 15.

Regarding Pre-Monsoon Roadside /Central Verge Plantation and ensuring permanent watering facility through properly treated sewage water for the same, it was informed that they are already using treated wastewater tankers for watering the plants.

The Department has inspected 949 Pollution Checking Centers (PCC) out of 970. 178 PCCs have been issued a Memo regarding deficiency. Transport Department has suspended 14 Pollution Checking Centers (PCCs) and 5 PCCs have been canceled.

Commissioner of Transport informed that they are developing a software based system which uploads the calibration status of the system and can also issue SMS to the owner of vehicles regarding the validity of PUC. It was also informed that Transport Department has impounded about 1000 unauthorized buses since January 2017 and was also advised to declare No Parking Zones at vulnerable places.

Lt. Governor preferred that Transport Department and Traffic Police may sit together to decide the type of last mile connectivity vehicles to be allowed and their routes. He also suggested involving UTTIPEC (Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Planning & Engineering Centre) in the matter.

Concerning prohibition of open burning of dry leaves/garbage/plastic etc., it was informed that Municipal Corporations and SDMs are conducting regular checks.

Regarding waste management, Municipal Corporations informed that they are in the process of floating tenders for C&D (Construction & Demolition) waste plants and waste-to-energy plants. Land issues and other clearances are being pursued with the concerned Departments.

Regarding dust control at construction sites, it was informed that activities are being regularly monitored to check and minimize emissions. The pollution control measures at Anand Vihar. Commissioner (Tpt) informed that hard topping is being done which will be completed by August 2017.