No more burden of school bags for Kerala students!
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-Jun-2017

Thiruvananthapuram, June 15: Kerala is taking new initiate to motivate the student to attend school. A primary school in Kerala is easing the students who carry the heavy bag by picking their school bags up in the mornings and dropping them off at their school.

Due to this, a student can walk light to school without carrying any heavy loads on the back. This unique initiative aims to encourage maximum children to walk to school and unfavorable dependency on vehicles. This initiative was brought by GM Upper Primary School in Kattampally, which sends a special van to pick up the bags from a designated point and brings them to school, free of charge.

A teacher behind the initiative N M Ravi said, “We introduced the facility last year as many students found it difficult to carry heavy bags to school”.

It was not affordable for many of the students to go by local school bus and left with no choice but to walk with a heavy bag. This becomes very uncomfortable for students to walk by carrying heavy loaded bag. Some students even get due to this reason and some of them ignore attending school. The initiative aims to help out such children and ensure that they reach on time without carrying any heavy loads. Till now, around 300 students of Kerala are benefited with this initiative.

The Maharashtra state government in 2016raised the similar concerns regarding the weight of student’s bags stated that many children carry too many books to school risking damage to their backs. Education Department had introduced a system of random checks on the weight of schoolbags which prescribed weight of bags for classes I to VIII to be between 1,800gm and 3,425gm.

Kerala has created a unique record to severe their students with a comfortable education. It is a benchmark for other states to bring such initiative to give their students healthy education.