Fake UPS driver kills 3 in San Francisco then turns gun on himself
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-Jun-2017

San Francisco, June 15: In a rare case, a man dressed in UPS uniform fires around incessantly killing 3 people. The man was armed with a handgun and opened fire at a United Parcel Service Inc in San Francisco. Police denied him as a UPS employee; the culprit’s name is Jimmy Liam. As soon as Jimmy saw officers coming near him, he shot himself in the head and died on spot. However, the incident is not terrorism related and they recovered two firearms from the scene.

The UPS facility, a package-sorting and delivery hub that serves the greater San Francisco area and employs about 350 workers in the city's Potrero Hill area, was placed under a security lockdown for six hours.The two others were shot and taken to the hospital immediately. The shooter and the victims were all drivers, said Steve Gaut, head of investor relations at UPS. The incident took place while the workers were gathered for their daily morning meeting before going out on their routes, he added.

In 2014, a man shot and killed two of his supervisors before turning the gun on himself at a UPS distribution center in Birmingham, Alabama. The gunman had recently been fired from the facility.

Gun laws in the United States rank among the most permissive of any developed country, with the right to "keep and bear arms" enshrined in the Constitution's Second Amendment. Efforts to tighten national gun control measures failed after mass shootings at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012 and the nightclub shooting in Orlando.