Bus accident takes away two lives and injures several on Howrah Bridge; overtaking trait needs an end
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Jun-2017

Kolkata, June 16: Today did not go well for busy Calcutta people. A bus accident on Howrah Bridge took way two lives. Overtaking is an evil disease of bus drivers in Kolkata. Every year so many passengers become the victim of an accident due to overtaking. Today the bus overturned and hit a road divider while it was trying to overtake another bus.

The accident took place around 10.58 a.m. A senior official of Kolkata police said today when the Sealdah-bound minibus dashed against the road divider then it lost control. Malipanchghara to Sealdah bound minibus of Route-25 (WB 11A 5545) went through the accident when it was descending from the bridge.

The injured persons were rushed to Medical College Hospital. Two children were among the injured victims. As this is a very busy route the accident lead to a traffic jam. The daily goers of the route faced a huge problem.

After the accident, the driver fled from the place. Police are checking now if there was any technical problem with the bus. The fault of other bus and driver will also be investigated.